The Best Pool Rake: ProTuff 19″ Pool Net Pro Grade Medium Fine Mesh Catcher Bag

Best Pool Rake


Best Pool Rake To Handle Bulk Or Big Debris

Heavy Duty for DIY or Professionals

The ProTuff pool rake is designed for tough DIY or professional pool care jobs…

So if that sound like a tool you need, then this is the right pool service tool attachment for you.

You’ll love the ProTuff Pool Rake for the same reasons pool care professionals do – it makes pool maintenance easier.

  • Out Lasts – Double-Stitched Nylon mesh bag for strength.
  • Looks Great – Pro Grade Construction to handle big jobs.
  • Saves Time – 19″ wide and deep basket for scooping more debris.

Get Ready for Swimming Season

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to spend some quality time outdoors. However, the season comes with lots of leaves – some of which may eventually drift into your swimming pool. At first, this may not seem like a major issue, but as harmless as they may appear, leaves can lead to a myriad of problems.

Best Pool RakeThe CDC reports that the prevalence rate of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) has increased by almost 20 times over the last three decades. It’s no secret that unkempt swimming pools are a major contributor to this worrying trend.

As leaves decompose over time, they provide a good platform for harmful microorganisms to multiply. These may eventually find their way into the body, thereby leading to serious health complications.

Besides health concerns, leaves can render your pool unusable. Using the best pool rake would be the only practical way to ensure such things never happen.

Smart DIY Investment

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A routine raking session can go a long way in clearing up the debris before it builds up. Indeed, a little bit of effort can go a long way in preventing a potentially large problem from unfolding right before your very own eyes.

It’s no secret that leaves can be a nuisance to any swimming pool owner. Not only can they affect the pH of your water, but they can also block your filters and manifold. If left unchecked, this can affect the effectiveness of routine pool maintenance efforts.

ProTuff 19" Pool NetWhat’s more, an unchecked accumulation of leaves can affect your pool cleaner. Most pool cleaners are designed to deal with small particles and, therefore, the leaves may get stuck into the system thereby rendering it ineffective.

This is pretty much the same thing that happens when a vacuum cleaner sucks in a large object. And likewise, your mobile pool cleaner could malfunction if exposed to larger-than-normal debris.

That’s of course, not taking into account what actually happens when the leaves break down with time. The long-term perspective of it is that rotten leaves provide room for bacteria and other microorganisms to multiply.


Left untreated your swimming pool will turn green and become a living ecosystem for insects and other creatures. This partly explains the overwhelming challenge of algae in swimming pools.

Algae are that green, unsightly mess that either floats in the water or clings on the wall in patches. The entire process of getting rid of these tiny microorganisms can be somewhat frustrating and it could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to undo.

In worse off cases, the pool could turn black – again due to a black algae infestation.

Dirt Swimming PoolThe combination of algae and a growing deposit of leaves eventually become a heavy mass that no filter can deal with – eventually leading to a lack of filtration. This often leads to staining – something that could necessitate tough measures such as emptying the pool.

Prevention is the best medicine as far as this problem is concerned. Rather than leaving your pool to choke under the impact of leaves and other debris, a routine raking exercise can nip the problem in the bud.

Leaf rakes help you manage small amounts of leaves before they get out of hand. The process is as easy as scooping them out, bit-by-bit – something you can actually enjoy doing over time.

What You Can Do About It

Before we get started let me say that the pole for the best pool rake is *NOT* INCLUDED. That means you’ll also need to buy a pool pole with 1 1/8″ inner diameter (standard size) & holes to attach via butterfly/v-clip (also pretty standard).


A fine mesh swimming pool leaf catcher grabs tiny debris from the pool bottom & surface, but the tight weave “pushes” a lot of water, meaning more muscle strain for you AND more difficulty catching large debris like leaves. A medium mesh net grabs everything except silt & sand and does NOT “push” the water. Hence, less physical strain for you & larger, lighter debris is NOT pushed away from the net.

The Best Pool Rake: ProTuff 19" Pool Net Pro Grade Medium Fine Mesh Catcher Bag


A tough nylon leaf net is less likely to develop holes & easily collects lots of debris. It won’t pass back “through” the pool leaf rake frame, allowing the contents to spill out. No wasted time re-bagging “lost” debris.

Soft, flimsy nets develop holes easily & will accidentally “dump” debris back into the pool.


An aluminum frame pool leaf catcher is slightly heavier than plastic but handles more weight. So, you empty the net less frequently, meaning less time using pool cleaning equipment. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.


Curved sides won’t scrape debris from the pool-side very well. Straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck on leaves.


Narrow mouth frames cover less area. Wider mouths collect more debris but are heavier to lift from the pool. Use a 24″ if you’re strong, have a large pool & want to finish the job in a hurry. Use a 14″, 16″ if you have a really small pool. 18″ or 20″ is a happy medium.

ProTuff’s bold promise is that you’ll NEVER Buy Another Pool Rake!

ProTuff 19 Video Review Transcript
I’m going to show you the prototype leaf rake. This is a 19-inch leaf rake that I’m going to show you today. You can see the bag is really large. Also the prototype leaf break clips onto a standard pool pole. And the thing that caught my attention with this leaf rake is it has a lifetime warranty. Everything about this net is built to last you have this durable handle I have this thick plastic lip on the leaf rake itself. And one thing I like about the ProTuff leaf rake is that it holds its form skimming the surface. See how the net is extended like that. That’s how it stays while you’re skimming. One of the great things about the ProTuff leaf rake is that it’s great picking up large surface debris. The pro tough leaf break does a great job with surface skimming. Okay there’s a technique for skimming the bottom. It’s a bouncing type technique. I’ll show you that right now so the best way to remove leaves from the bottom of the pool is to have a slight bouncing motion with leaf rake as it approaches that will lift the debris off the pool bottom and into the leaf rake. Takes some practice but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The net is designed to keep the form when you go to dump it out, It’s pretty easy to just turn it over all the debris will come out. You can also empty the leaf rake by grabbing the bottom and simply flipping it over. Everything comes right out. The ProTuff leaf rake is a great investment for your pool, well-built, durable and it has a lifetime guarantee.

ProTuff Pool Rake Reviews

Read more about what you get…

  • Fine Mesh Catcher Bag100% “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If any portion of this heavy-duty pool skimmer net ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire pool rake as per manufacturer’s lifetime product warranty (Commercial users: Lifetime 50% Off Replacements).
  • SUPER STRONG 20″ ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME won’t bend, twist or break under load. Tightly secured within “winged” handle for additional stability. Our swimming pool leaf catcher handles easily connects to a standard size telescoping pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. Keep your swimming pool cleaner with ProTuff swimming pool cleaning tools.
  • DEEP, DURABLE, ABRASION RESISTANT, DOUBLE-STITCHED NYLON POOL BAG is stronger and more abrasion resistant than double-layer polypropylene catcher netting offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability. This leaf skimmer net resists mold and mildew well, maintains it’s integrity and handles big swimming pool cleaning with ease. Medium mesh size will filter out leaves, insects & small debris, but doesn’t quite “plug the door” on silt and very small particles.
  • LONG LASTING, HEAVY DUTY, SUPERIOR QUALITY, PLASTIC RIM is safe for all types of pools and will guard against marring or scratching of premium pool surfaces. “Easy Glide” Scoop front for quick & easy leaf pickup from pool bottom. Straight sides with a slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides, whether round or rectangle shaped pools. Swimming pool maintenance for 24, 27, 30 ft or any other size pool has never been easier.
  • SEE THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AREA BELOW for important info to help you decide if ProTuff pool cleaning tools and equipment are right for you. Also, see our Verified Purchase reviews to see what ACTUAL customers are saying. Always look for “Verified Purchase” on an Amazon review to verify its authenticity. Reviews CAN be faked.

Note for you

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