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If you’re searching for the best lawn care service then ChoresDFY can help you. We’re going to let you in on a secret most people don’t know about – You can now order lawn care on Amazon…

Listen to this:

  • You Love Using Your Amazon Prime for Buying Everything Else – Now you can also order lawn care and other home services on Amazon, too.
  • You Trust Amazon Reviews Because They’re Real & Authentic – Read the reviews of multiple landscapers to see what their customer have to say about them before you place your order.
  • Make It Easy for Yourself and Pay with You Prime Account – Find the service provider you want to use, then add the service to your cart and check out.


  • Feel Secure About the Giving Out You Credit Card Info – If you already shop on Amazon then you already have your info safely saved in your profile.

This is so much easier than leaving voicemails and waiting around for someone to return your call or show up on time…

The Best Lawn Care Services Near Me

Each time the lawn mowing season arrives, the hassle of having a big yard to keep mowed weekly becomes a reality.

You check your contacts and call the guy who did a less-than-stellar job last time but he isn’t returning your calls.

You Google a few contacts and because you are in need, numerous companies pop up on your search page ready to serve.

You sift through multiple web pages and then finally come across one that sounds like the real deal. So you go ahead and schedule a service only to wait forever for them to show up.

And even when they show up, they clearly fall short of expectations. Either they are not adequately skilled for the job or clearly under-equipped.

Does that story sound familiar to you? Then perhaps it’s time to stop wasting time and enlist the best lawn care services near you.

You can’t afford to waste more time calling random lawncare services only to be disappointed or even lose money in the process.

Let me let you in on what ChoresDFY has in store for you in that regard. We are a one-stop-shop where you can access a dynamic list of Amazon-listed service providers.

This gives you numerous advantages because first, you get the quality guarantee that Amazon is known for and you have come to accept.

Besides that, each lawn mower service provider is reviewed publicly which means you can get an idea of how good they are before you commit to inviting them to your home.

How It Works For You

1. Place Your Request

Based on your lawn mowing needs, you only need to navigate through the system in order to compare different providers. You can filter the searches to access the best lawn cleaning services near you.

2. Manage Your Appointments On The Go

Nothing beats the convenience of managing your services online.

You can schedule your lawn mowing or yard care remotely, even as you catch up with those busy appointments at your workplace.

Likewise, you can get the job done even as you enjoy some quality time at your favorite holiday destination anywhere in the world.

That’s it – no haggling and no hassle of making payments in person either.

3. Enjoy Quality Service

Vendors come and go but great service remains supreme.

The good thing about on-demand lawn mowing service is that you only pay for what you need.

Pick From The Best Lawn Care Services Near You

Trimming Hedges

Lawn Mowing

You don’t have to wait for your grass to grow so tall that it looks unkempt.

If anything, an unkempt lawn can play host to dangerous insects and even snakes.

So you want to have it done professionally and in good time.

We connect you to a comprehensive lawn cleaning service provided by skilled, independent workers who have deep expertise in mowing and maintaining lawns.

If that sounds good to you, then ChoresDFY is probably the only deal you need to go for.

Yard Maintenance Service

Apart from the periodic cutting of grass, yard maintenance is all about ensuring the grass remains green and that all corners of the yard are well covered.

This kind of service entails mulching, watering and fertilizing the lawn.

But since not every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows what it takes to keep a yard in top shape, use the reviews to give you the insights you need in order to identify the pros.

This way, you don’t have to engage in trial and error kind of work.

And you know what that means? Well, it means good value for money and absolutely zero hassle.

Tree Planting Services

Tree planting requires more than just a trip to the nearest nursery.

Actually, tree planting is a science in itself and you are, therefore, better off working with a professional.

From picking the right seedlings to identifying the right spot to put them and ensuring the trees mature into an eye-catching and easy-to-maintain spectacle, it takes an expert to get the job done.

Thanks to our transparent rating and review service, you can now compare different service providers and only go for the best tree planter in your location.

Leaf Removal

We are all familiar with the ugly scene of leaves gathering around our homes from time to time.

You may not have all the time in the world to clean up leaves in your yard.

But who said you have to put up with vacuum and garbage bags instead of enjoying your weekends?

With on-demand leaf removal technicians, we are able to link you up with the best lawn cleaning services near you.

What’s more, the structure of this service is such that you can compare different packages and only go for one that gives you the best value for money.

Shrub Shearing and Hedge Trimming Services

Shrub shearing and hedge trimming require a ton of expertise to handle.

Wrongly sheared shrubs can easily lose their natural shape and likewise, unprofessional trimming can leave a dense outer crown that inhibits the free flow of light and air.

If the thought of inviting yet another shearing or trimming service to your premises doesn’t sound like the right one due to sheer disappointments from past encounters, we have the answer for you.

Handpick a pro to help you take on this burdensome home chore.

Yard WorkBenefits Of Using The Best Lawn Maintenance Services

One benefit of this one-stop-shop service is that you will be able to see what it will cost and access honest Amazon reviews before you pay.

This is unlike other common services whereby you have to rely exclusively on web-based sales copies to make decisions.

Here, you get to learn from the experiences of other like-minded customers.

Another great benefit is you can see a provider with consistent bad ratings and negative reviews from other customers like you.

Or, see a provider who seems consistent and honest in their dealings. It’s as simple as that.

Best of all, you can run comparisons while sitting comfortably on your couch at home.

You don’t have to visit Yelp, Craig’s List or Angie’s List for referrals – and best of all you don’t have to contend with phony sales pitches along the way.

This is all about keeping up with the ever-changing world and the need for convenience. Our goal at ChoresDFY is to take the daily mundane responsibilities away from you so you can sit and enjoy your time the way you want.

Lawn Care Maintenance FAQ

  1. What does lawn care cost? Depending on the size of the job and the tasks involved such as cutting the grass, trimming the hedges and raking up leaves, the cost can fluctuate. To find out what your rates are you will need to enter your zip code as shown below. Please ensure you allow enough time for your lawn maintenance.Lawn Care Cost
  2. What’s included with lawn care service? While scheduling your appointment it is best to create a list of chores for the lawn care Pro to review. But basic services may include mowing grass, weeding, gardening and clean up as required.
  3. Who is the best lawn care service near me? Once you enter your zip code as shown above a list of landscape companies will show up. For the best results, please take time to read reviews from customers before setting up an appointment for lawn maintenance.
  4. What lawn care should be done in the fall? Depending on where you live, your lawn needs different services. It’s best to ask the lawn care provider you contact for your service.
  5. What lawn care should be done in spring? Also, depending on where you are located it is recommended that you ask the lawn care specialist you select for your service.
  6. How often should I cut the grass? Depending on the location and the amount of water or rain your lawn receives, your grass may grow at a different rate. The rule of thumb is to keep it cut often so that it will not overgrow and become a major job to cut again.
  7. Do you handle lawn problems? Depending on the type of problem your lawn is having will determine the type of services you should order. For example, broken sprinkler heads, dead grass or hedges, or weeds all require additional services and hours for repairing.
  8. Do you haul away trash and lawn cuttings? No.

Best Tools For DIY Lawn Care

It’s always tricky to find someone to handle lawn care for you, especially if you like to do it yourself. My biggest concern is finding broken sprinkler heads after I’ve paid big bucks to have my lawn mowed by a lawn guy who isn’t paying attention to where he’s cutting grass and chops off my expensive Rainbird heads. So I can relate if you’re not ready to trust Amazon Home Services for lawn care which is why I’m listing some of my favorite lawn tools for trimming, hedging, cutting, blowing, and mowing for you to check out. The links below will take you to my product detail page with reviews.

  1. Gone are the days of mixing fuel for weed eating. Because now you can go cordless with the best cordless string trimmer from Black and Decker. I use mine all the time to trim grass around the swimming pool so I’m not running extension cords near water.
  2. Next on my list of lawn tools is the best cordless hedge trimmer, also from Black and Decker. This tool comes in super handy for days when I want to get the lawn work done fast. I just slip on a freshly charged battery and off I go. The battery lasts long enough to go around my house, front to back trimming hedges, orange tree branches, and pomegranates.
  3. A good chainsaw always comes in handy but running electrical cords or mixing fuel takes longer than the cut. With the best cordless chainsaw from Black and Decker, you can just add some cutting oil and a battery and then start cutting. This is the perfect chainsaw for small jobs around the house that are too big for a hedger.
  4. Once your done cutting, trimming and chopping it’s time for the best cordless leaf blower from Dewalt to help clean up the mess. This battery-operated tool has some serious power and can even blow snow off the patio.
  5.  If you’re like me then you dread dealing with your gas mower. Seems I always go long enough and my mower losses its gas prime. So when I go to start it again a few weeks or months later, I have to pull the rope at least 10 – 20 times before it kicks over. With the best cordless electric lawn mower from Greenworks, that’s not a problem anymore. And this powerful mower packs a 40V battery and 16″ blade.
  6. The only item on my list of lawn tools that isn’t cordless is the best corded electric lawn mower from Sun Joe. This is a sharp little lawn mower that can really cut grass and it’s perfect for Eco-friendly DIY lawn care.

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