The Best Pool Brush: Crystal Heavy Duty Quality Molded Bristles Lifetime Guarantee

Best Pool Brush

Best Pool Brush for DIY Pool Care

Gently Removes More Algae

The Crystal Pool Brush is engineered with soft bristles to gently remove algae and other debris from your in-ground and vinyl pool steps and walls.

You’ll also feel safe brushing your custom tile inlays without wearing out the grout and plaster like most of the competitor pool brushes do because their bristles are too stiff…

And the Crystal Heavy Duty Pool Brush has a proven track record which is why it’s used everywhere by pool owners. Go ahead and read 100s of customer reviews.



The Right Tools for Cleaning Pools

As a DIY, pool cleaning is one of those jobs you’d rather do quickly.

And if you’ve been a Do-It-Yourselfer for long then you know the secret to having more Free Time is using the right tool for the job.

Imagine having a pool brush like this:

  • Light, Easy Glide Frame offers minimal resistance through the water.
  • Light enough to maneuver quickly.
  • Turned Ends for easy maneuverability and corner access.
  • Ideal Bristle Flex! Will does not mark your Pool while maintaining a strong stroke.
  • Strong Metal Handle allows a positive attachment to your pole.
  • This is one strong, well-performing Pool Brush.
  • Moulded Plastic holds Bristles in place permanently.

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CJ Lifestyle equips professionals and households with their highly functional, strong, lightweight and modernly attractive Pool Brush. As a family-owned business, we ensure to offer quality products and use only established, professional manufacturers. Competitor’s brushes are either high priced or cheap product that doesn’t stand the test of time. CJ Lifestyle is proud to offer you strong quality materials put together in an attractive brush package.

  1. Best Pool Brush: Crystal Heavy DutySuper Strong Heat Treated alloy for Maximum Frame and Handle Durability.
  2. Super Hardened Plastic. The brush will not break.
  3. Smooth modern profile. Turned corners and optimal Bristles strength to protect your pool.
  4. Ideal 19″ Brush Length, 1.5″ Bristle size. Fits US pole size 1¼”. Pole not included.

Peace of Mind! Our gift to You- 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Order your quality pool brush today and your product will be shipped immediately.

Crystal Pool Brush Heavy Duty Quality Lifetime Guarantee Reviews

Read more about what you get…

  • The Best Pool Brush: Crystal Heavy Duty Quality Molded BristlesLightweight Super Strong Heat Treated Alloy Handle for Maximum Durability. Easy Push Slimline Frame minimizes resistance through Water.
  • Hardened Plastic Frame screwed and glued to the Metal Handle. The brush will not bend or break. This is one strong hard wearing Rake.
  • Bristles Mold into the Plastic. They will not Fall out over Time. Bristles are Designed with the Perfect amount of Strength to maintain a hard enough Brush Stroke while looking after your Pool Lining. The Crystal Pool Brush will not mark your Pool Liner.
  • Highly functional and strong, lightweight, modern attractive Pool Broom.
  • 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Your fault or ours we will replace no problems!

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