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Lawn care near me

Get Weekends Back!

More Time for You…

Your time is valuable.

So let me get to the point.

If you’re like most American homes there’s very little time for relaxing, especially if your mornings, evenings, and weekends are loaded down with chores.

If Your To-Do List is Growing, This Service Can Help You

Housework, Yard Work, Pool Cleaning, Car Maintenance, and other time-consuming chores that we all have to do are always getting in the way of enjoying time doing what you want.

So if your to-do list is growing and you can’t seem to keep up then you’ve found the right place for help.

At ChoresDFY we’ll help you find reputable service professionals near you to do the chores you don’t want to do…

Best of All – You Deal with Amazon

You’re going to love being able to use your Amazon Prime to find and order time-saving services.

That’s right.

Now you can order a lot of helpful services through your trusted Amazon account and get the same level of customer satisfaction you’re used to getting for all the other products you order online.

Amazon Home ServicesThe Best benefits of using Amazon Home Services:

  • Feel Good about what you buy – Read through reviews to make sure you don’t get suckered.
  • Save Money when you compare service providers near you – Find the highest rated company to do the work at the best price.
  • Safety Matters and Amazon goes to the next level – It’s not easy to make the list of businesses that are offered through Amazon Home Services so rest assured they have been screened for trustworthiness.
  • Easy Secure Payments that are safe – If you already have an Amazon account then you’re ready to schedule your service through the same ‘buy now’ process you already come to love and use when purchasing products.
  • You’re the Boss – Schedule the service with a “click” and don’t forget to leave a review. Your satisfaction matters.

Let’s go over a list of chores we can help with:


Best House Cleaning Services1. House Keeper. ChoresDFY can help you find high rated housekeepers who can do it all. Wash clothes, wash dishes, clean the house, clean the bathrooms. Or any number of household chores that eat up your time and energy. (Best House Cleaning Services Near Me)

Best Lawn Care Services2. Lawn Care. There’s a lawn care specialist near you ready to help with yard work. Cutting grass, trimming hedges, raking and picking up leaves, fixing sprinklers and any number of common yard care chores that tire you out. (Best Lawn Care Services Near Me)

The Best Swimming Pool Service Near Me3. Pool Care. You’ll never have to clean your pool again because there’s a pool cleaning specialist near you ready to go to work on your swimming pool. Brush the pool, vacuum the pool, adjust chemicals, add chlorine, backwash and many more pool cleaning chores that suck up your precious time. (Best Swimming Pool Service Near Me)

Best Auto Mechanic Near Me4. Auto Repair. Finding a good and trustworthy auto mechanic near you is always a challenge, no matter where you live. But with a powerful rating and review system, you get to choose only the best mechanics to work on your cars. Oil changes, tune-up, tire replacements, and many other car maintenance jobs can be done for you by a trustworthy garage close to you. (Best Auto Repair Services Near Me)

Best Handyman5. Home Repair. Do you need help with home maintenance to handle chores such as hanging a ceiling fan, replacing a light switch, mounting a flat screen HD TV on the wall, painting a room, fixing a leaky sink or just a handyman or handywoman ready to help fix a list of broken stuff around the house? Maybe your list of home repair chores has grown too large for you to keep up and you want help from a friendly, trustworthy, helper near you who can fix it all. (Best Handyman Near Me)

Best PC Repair6. Computer Repair. Are you looking for help with installing a new SSD or video card on your desktop PC? Or maybe you need a memory upgrade so you can play the newest video games? Then again, maybe you need help with your new smartphone? Nowadays there are so many gadgets such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops that all need to connect together and to the Internet. But where can you find someone to do all your computer repairs and installations? At ChoresDFY, we know just the place where you can quickly and securely order a computer guy that will come to your home or business. And best of all, you can order the service via your Amazon account. (Best Computer Repair Services Near Me)

Best Smart Home Services7. Smart Home Services. Home automation is growing as more smart gadgets become available. But not everyone is able to set up or install a smart doorbell or Alexa home automation system. Setting up the WiFi and configuring the voice-operated commands to turn on lights, appliances, and HD TVs takes someone with HI-Tech training who understands how smart devices work together or you’ll end up with expensive hardware that doesn’t work – or even worse, security risks on your home network – and you don’t want that. (Best Smart Home Services Near Me)

Did you find the chore you need help with?

If not, we also review a lot of other service professionals not listed above that can offer a helping hand to you.

No longer do you have to waste your precious time doing yard work, or wondering where to take the car for a tune-up, all you need to do is click one of the links above to read reviews and find out all the details about where to find a helpful and trusting helper near you who is ready to do chores for you.

Take your time reading reviews to find the best person in your neighborhood…

Introducing Amazon Home Services

About the rating and review system

amazon stars

We know how important it is to get great service, which is why we only recommend services offered by helpers with a high rating and good reviews.

  • Five star rating is great
  • Four star rating is good
  • Three star rating is average
  • A 2 star rating is not so good
  • Don’t waste your time with one star ratings!

Also, read reviews because sometimes you’ll find someone with a 3 star rating from a customer who never could be happy with anyone’s hard work.

So along with looking and the star ratings, please also read the reviews.

Is Chores Done For You (DFY) near me?

Depending on the help you need or what you’d like to have done for you, there are skilled and trustworthy professionals all over the U.S. wanting to help you.

Here’s an example of how it works for swimming pool cleaning – just enter your zip code and click update to see a list of helpers near you.

How much does pool service cost

As I said, there are people all over ready to handle chores for you so you can relax.

How much and how often can I order helpers?

There are a number of service providers to choose from, and each has their own rate. Prices are posted for each service.

For example, if you want your swimming pool cleaned, there will be a ballpark price posted on the page with conditions. Also remember, other customers who have used these services have posted ratings and reviews so reference their comments because all vendors offering services must agree to be rated and reviewed.

As for how often, that depends on you. You can order someone to do lawn care once because the grass has gotten too long for you to cut and you just need someone to get it back under control for you. Or because they did such a good job, you can agree to have them keep coming back weekly. It’s up to you how often you want someone to help you with chores.

The Easiest Way To Get Chores Done For You

Chores Done For You

If you’re like me, you’ve been buying from Amazon for years and trust them, I know I do. So just like Amazon offers FBAs who sell products on Amazon.com, they also list home services offered by local businesses near you to perform services, too.

And the best part about home services is your dealing with Amazon, who you trust. As I said, the rating system is phenomenal so check out what handy services are offered near you.

I hope this covers your questions, if not you’re welcome to visit our about page for more information about ChoresDFY.

Thank you!


You’re Protected – when you use Amazon Home Services, you’re dealing with Amazon and not directly with the 3rd party handling the service. This makes all the difference in the world compared to using other referral services that just point you to their sponsors.