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We’ve all been there, especially if you work 40 – 50 hours per week straining your brain or breaking you back.

And let’s not forget the commute to and back from work, which is physically and mentally more draining than running a 10K marathon each day.

Chores Done For you

Hard work is hard work however you do it, which is why on ChroresDFY we want to help you find a handyman or woman who will do chores for you so you can rest your tired body and brain.

So, whether you’re looking for a helper to clean up the house, care for the lawn, or sweep the swimming pool, we want to help you find the right person near you who can do the work to your satisfaction.

So before you do something hasty on Craig’s List or Yelp that you might regret later, instead do what I do and reserve a service professional with a top rating and background check from Amazon. That’s right, I said Amazon.

Just like when you buy electronics, now you can carefully read reviews on home services such as house cleaning and auto repair, too.

Hire someone through Amazon and get the same high quality and trustworthy service you’re used to from a qualified service provider in your area who meets Amazon’s high requirement for quality.

About ChoresDFY

As a long time homeowner, husband, and parent, I get it.

My time is filled with chores and honey-dos for the woman and kids I love. But, listen it gets old and we all need help to keep up.

For 30+ years, almost every weekend is filled with cleaning the pool, car maintenance, yard work, home maintenance or some other chore that requires time and thought to complete. Can you relate?

So recently when my yard had overgrown after all the monsoon storms Phoenix got this summer, I decided to try Amazon home services and hire a lawn care company to help me out.

Here’s how it went.

I made the contact via my Amazon account and after a few emails back and forth, we agreed on a price. Then, I used my Amazon Prime to pay for the service.

Like most people my age, I’ve been using Amazon since 1996 so it was easy for me to navigate to the home service pages and place my order.

Enter your zip code…

I just entered my zip code, clicked the update button and a list of lawn care companies near me showed up.

About ChoresDFY

From there I read through bunches of verified reviews and compared prices. Then I placed the order with my Prime.

That was the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon because, after 2 hours, my overgrown grass and hedges were back under control.

On schedule, these 2 guys showed up with the owner who was a woman, and they all went to work. What would have taken me all weekend to do was done in 2 hours.

I watched from the window and saw that they had multiple lawn mowers, weed eaters, trimmers, and blowers going at the same time!

BTW, I had to pay for 4 hours because there were 2 doing the work, but that was worth it because my lawn was getting so ugly that my wife was already looking on Craig’s List for someone…

Oh God, we’ve all been burned by the “Jack of all trades and master of none” before who breaks every sprinkler head you have and then covers them with dirt so you don’t see them until 2 AM when the water is running in the street. No way!

Your Turn

So my recommendation to you is to check out Amazon’s home services and see if there is someone near you who can help with those chores you’ve been putting off for weeks or months. 🙂

Also, before we conclude I want to note for you just in case you’re wondering that there are many other services offered, such as:

  • Pool Cleaners
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree Trimmers
  • General Handyman

This is only a small list of all the services you can order through your Prime account.

Feel free to send us your comments or leave feedback below.

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