Best Mini Air Compressor For Computer Cleaning: EasyGo CompuCleaner Blower

best EasyGo CompuCleaner - Electric Computer Blower for Electronic Devices

Best Mini Air Compressor For Computer Cleaning

Runs from 110v electricity, not compressed air gas. Never worry again about rushing back to the computer or office supply store to get more air cans when CompuCleaner always has air ready to go. Compressed air products are powered by a liquid. They become gaseous as you depress the spray tip and allow the product to escape. If you hold the air can upside down liquid will actually spray out of the can. Landfills are being filled up compressed air cans as they are not bio-degradable. Also, the first time you use the can the liquid inside becomes activated. Every spray after that becomes less and less powerful until the can is empty. There is no gauge on air cans so you never know when you will run out. CompuCleaner is safe for the environment and is always ready to offer high-pressure air as needed.

Saves Money For PC Repair Services

Best Mini Air Compressor For Computer Cleaning

For the cost of 8-12 compressed air cans, you can own the CompuCleaner. No charging time, just plug into an electrical outlet and it is ready to blow high-pressure air immediately. Extra-long 9-foot cord makes it easy to use everywhere it is needed. Powerful 500 watts of power using 4.5 amps of electricity. The CompuCleaner has an air flow of 70 CFM and can be used continuously with no loss of air pressure, unlike air cans that continually lose air pressure until the can is empty. CompuCleaners only weighs 1.8 pounds.

Attachments For All Jobs

Attachments allow multiple items to be cleaned. Large attachment is good for cleaning large areas like server rooms and equipment. The round attachment is designed to blast a powerful surge of air into a specific location. The brush and flexible smaller attachment can fit into hard to reach areas and allows scrubbing on heavily dusted areas and can also be used to clean the keyboard. Compucleaner can also be used to clean cameras, copy machines, printers, medical devices, motors and other electronic devices. Don’t let dust build up on your electronic components possibly causing expensive damage.

Read Video Review - CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster

Definitely to clean our computer equipment I’ve always used these cans of compressed gas. And anyone that’s used these as probably knows they are a complete pain – sort of they lose pressure quite quickly. You can only use them in short bursts. The cans get freezing cold if you use them for too long. You can’t turn them upside down or they start spray freezing liquid everywhere and they’re just so quite expensive as well. Like these like these Falken ones cost about seven pounds each. Even a cheap ones about five pounds each and yeah they’re just not great. They’re also compressed gas not air so they’re not great in terms of environmental – if being environmentally friendly. So this one right now it was like I need to buy more. I thought I’ll see what else is out there rather than just buying more of these disposable cans spending lots of money on them and in doing that I went on Amazon. I came across this which is the Computer cleaner compressed air duster this costs about 40 pounds on Amazon which well it does seem up quite a bit first. When you factor in these costs about 40 pounds though these cost about 8 pounds each you know when you replace enough of those you can basically pay one of these off. So this is a means powered in electric air duster. Let me see here – here’s the unit. It’s quite a nice things but handle is very similar to things like the metro datavac which are sort of industry standard – very common units. But it’s about half the price which is why I went for this so here’s box but I’ll show that first and then see where it says I’m at a number one best seller. So this problem available now matters whatever but there you go that’s what stays on it and it says 500 watt motor. I’m actually claimed to believe that because when I ran it in test de poule about 650 Watts from the wall so they’re not lying about which was actually have a pretty high power motor in it. And yeah it’s a fairly generic looking thing but it was half the price of the data vac so I thought I may as well get it. They also supposedly have the expert version which has adjustable speed control – this is just the basic one. So take a look at the thing. So here it is – it’s fairly small but any unit and your handle on there and then a power switch to just turn it on and off. And then it’s just got this big long mains cable which is actually three meters or when I measured it so that’s up this length just with a normal UK plug on the end. So the long cables actually really good as well because you put on to use things that so it’s ID so it’s nice. We all have a decent length of cable for it on the bottom of the unit. We also find an air filter this is designed to catch dust stop it dust being blown out of it so just sort of pools out like that and it’s just a sort of quite thick bit of material much like you find the vacuum cleaner and that’ll catch. Most guys just quite a bit of dust and clean this out able to use this to blast that oh it worked quite well and here you can see the motor so just pull out quite easily.

Peter, back you serve these stuff it in it’s not the most high-tech system ever but yeah that fits in there quite easily so yeah there’s a dust filter. Also in the Box, you get a bag of various attachments sitting movies so you get this nozzle which is what I’ve been using it’s just a sort of it just makes it a bit more high pressure just sort compress it a little bit. You think this wider one which supposedly spreads out this much finer one which is for real fighting stuff. This is a really high pressure and it’s things like a sort of straw attachment which is designed so you can sort of get it into a sort of harder to reach areas. And then this little brush thing that also touches these ones aren’t particularly useful for me. I don’t really have a need for them, I just tend to use a big one from doing back on a PC but it calms them if you need them and it also includes this somewhat dodgy looking adapter for Europe. So you can get a socket in Europe it doesn’t have the proper shutters at UK plug should have –¬† so it’s not the safest thing in the world and if you’re buying this – a user in Europe and it comes¬†with the UK plug I’d probably get a proper adapter or just actually cut the plug off and you went on but it does come with that if you did need something so we can plug it into the run. So there and then yes you turn it on Bob the attachment on it so it’s atoms are quite easy to fit you just basically slide in there and turn around that locks on and running it’s probably white lady folk out here. Me over but it is really powerful that’s powerful is it blue they’ve all come off the table and so yeah it’s actually pretty powerful and so what I’ll do know is Scott’s two showing me cleaning my PC out so the PC was pretty dusty. I hadn’t cleaned it for ages which is probably quite bad. I just never got around to it. So I tried this out and it was very impressive so you’ll see that now. So here we are PC so let’s give this a go so here we can see the PC before I cleaned it the Computer cleaner as you can see it’s very dusty and pretty horrible really. And here you can see after so that was a very quick only to about 30 seconds or so to clean it and it made a huge difference so as you saw there this thing did an awesome job of cleaning that PC. The PC was extremely dusty and actually just blasting that in there for the time you shot – you saw in the video clean though most of the dust and only took a tiny bit more time just to get into all the fans and until the rest of the machine so that was way quicker and using these cans which is just take ages because it’s these leaping able to turn this upside down in position into awkward areas that are awesome – whereas these you’ve got to be very careful and I have sprayed freezing I could over far too many motherboards to count with these things so yeah this is an absolutely awesome little thing and sure it was 40 pounds but when you factor in the cost of replacing these constantly – and the fact that this should last for a lot longer and like that lasts until it breaks, basically and yeah it seems like a fairly good investment. Yep, thanks for watching don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe you can also visit our website at camera grade up me and follow me on twitter I’m Cameron Gray 1550. Thanks for watching.

EasyGo CompuCleaner Reviews

Best Mini Air Compressor For PC

Read more about what you get…

  • EasyGo CompuCleaner is a computer blower that runs from 110V electricity, not compressed air gas. It can also be used as a keyboard cleaner, keyboard blower, laptop cleaner, and for many other electronic devices
  • Just plug this electric air duster into an electrical outlet and it is ready to blow high-pressure air immediately and continuously unlike compressed air dusters. Unlike a vacuum, this cleaner blows the dust away
  • Our CompuCleaner has a Powerful 500 watts using 4.5 AMPS of electricity and gives an air flow of 70 CFM
  • CompuCleaner is EASY to use, only weighs 1.8 pounds, and has an extra-long 9-foot cord to maneuver around easily.
  • Attachments – large attachment is good for cleaning large areas like server rooms and equipment. The round attachment is designed to blast a powerful surge of air into a specific location. The brush and flexible smaller attachment can fit into hard to reach areas and allows scrubbing on heavily dusty areas

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